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Business Writing Tips: Limiting Variations with Style Sheets

Have you ever received a document from a company and noticed a variation of a word and later receive the same type of document and see a whole different variation? It’s a hint that the company may not have a style sheet or guide.

Readers of a company’s business documents can often see variations of words or terms toggled. Style sheets help alleviate the issue. They’re a tool often used by copy editors to provide writing consistency and efficiency.

A choice or decision about particular items, such as the use of acronyms, hyphenations, or numbers, is made as the sheet is developed. Word entries, for instance, focus more on the parts of speech used rather than spelling. It may also address the treatment of terms and names, punctuation, symbols, tables, capitalization, websites and footnotes.

When an employee writes a business document, the style sheet serves as a reminder of the decision and reinforces consistency. The sheet also serves as a reference to a proofreader/copy editor.

Remember each document is unique and may address a different audience, therefore create a style sheet for each type of document.

Photo Credit: Suat Eman

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