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Business Writing Tips: The Template for Success

I know. Templates are quite common in the workplace. However, they aren’t used enough in my opinion. This writing tool is an essential when establishing a style guide at a business.

Templates preserve commonly used documents by creating a shell for the addition of information.

Here are three advantages for using templates.


Templates offer more control over the document’s appearance because they provide a consistent look for items such as memos, reports and letters. They’re already designed to give a professional look, which increases credibility and sales.


Templates alleviate the need to consistently retype documents, and therefore, help to get them out quicker.


Templates allow for more attention on the document’s content and boost the quality of the work.

Although a template is a relatively simple and advantageous concept, some slight drawbacks do exist. Reusing the same format can make the style seem repetitive, so stay attentive and switch the format from time to time.

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