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Three Ways to Update a Writing Style Guide

The development of style guides remains constant. Here are three systems to allow for those changes and updates.

Choose appropriate binding.

Consider how the style guide is published. Any binding process that includes glue, heat and wires involves costs. Staples and paperclips may do the trick for less, but this binding is looser, increasing the chances of  papers falling out. Instead, try a three-ring binder with dividers that can provide easy access to needed content.

Accept suggestions.

As the style guide is developed, add a form or forms at the end for reader’s suggestions. This way as the readers use the guide, they note items such as either missing information or confusing entries. They can present this to the style guide author or authors as soon as they come across the problem or on a specific collection day.

Schedule an update. 

Authors of the guide can become fairly popular and get ambushed with suggestions as they walk the hallways, sit at their desks, or even worse in the restroom. So, alleviate these interruptions with a scheduled annual meeting. Also, conduct a survey of its users.

The use of these systems may either occur individually or all at once. Either way it establishes a streamlined approach to making updates and changes.

Photo Credit: Renjith Krishnan

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