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How to Make Your Writing Style Guide Effective

Think about it. If you’re requesting employees to improve their writing skills or developing a means for them to do so, then the style guide itself must set the example on how to write well.

An effective writing guide will clearly state relevant, comprehensive content in a well-organized manner and the employees’ responsibilities. Technical documents aren’t usually considered leisure reading so don’t make the presentation of the material dry, boring or hard to grasp. For instance, the use of actual product names, department names and real company documents engages readers because the items are familiar.

No need to turn the guide into a novel either. Employees working on deadline need quick access to material. Organizational tools, such as a table of contents, index, chapter headings and headers and footers are a gift. Reduce monotony with figures and examples to clarify basic concepts. Ensure sections are well-defined portions; this makes updating, especially when using a binder, easy.

Photo Credit: Luigi Diamanti

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