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Showcase products and services this holiday season on your business blog

Have you ever noticed the recipes on the sides a soup cans or packaged foods?

I love them because the recipes show me another way to experience the food. They let me know what can be done, but they also get my creative juices flow.

I admit I may add some substitutions here and there, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. My brother survived, so I think my experiments worked.

Anyway, if I had to choose between a food product with recipe on its packaging and one that doesn’t, I’ll likely lean towards the product with the recipe. It shows me how to use the product, and it lets me know I can utilize it in more ways than I originally thought.

That’s what a business blog can do.

A blog helps demonstrate how your services and products work. It can show people that your product or service can have other purposes or uses. It provides an opportunity to create conversations with your followers. It opens up a dialogue that builds a community among your clients and customers, loyalty and trust.

A business blog is virtual lab. It lets you see the experiments that have been done with a product or service. This ultimately enables you to expand and produce new items.

You can present these new items to your blog followers allowing them either to preview or to try out the new service or product. This way you will know how well it’s been received before presenting it to a larger market.

So how what ways have you used your business blog to present your products and services?

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3 thoughts on “Showcase products and services this holiday season on your business blog

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