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Business Blog Series: 3 Ways to Reduce Legal Risks

ID-10094179Blogs have many rewards, but they also have some risk. Some people get a little too comfortable expressing their opinion on a blog.  When this occurs in a business environment, the consequences become disastrous. Other risks include sharing too much information, such as  financial, security, trade secrets and more.

Don’t worry… It is possible to avoid these problems from creeping up on you.  Nancy Flynn, author of Blog Rules:A Business Guide to Managing Policy, Public Relations, and Legal Issues shares some helpful tips her book. Check out the following three suggestions that help you to reduce legal risks.

1.First, establish a blog policy and have it address items such as:

  • The type of language that is not allowed
  • Topics that are confidential
  • Items that are copyright
  • Defamation
  • Privacy
  • How comments are monitored
  • Disciplinary action taken for not following the rules

2. Next, share this policy when you train employees, so they understand the risk, rules and responsibilities of blogging.

3. Finally, find ways to enforce the policy.

  • Use a tool to help block or ban inappropriate content
  • Subscribe to blog search engines like Technocrati to help monitor what’s said about the company in the blogsphere

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