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Business Blog Series: What is a business blog?

ID-10057451Did you ever keep a diary?  Or, maybe you jotted your thoughts down on paper? 

Well, whenever I took a long vacation, such as a trip overseas, I would keep a daily journal of the events, such as where I would go, the people I met and my thoughts about the experience.

Have you read an article and sent someone an email describing your thoughts on the topic, maybe a brief paragraph or two, and then suggest the person read the article as well and tell you what they thought?

Well, doing these activities—keeping a diary, randomly jotting down your thoughts and sending that article to a friend or colleague– is similar to keeping a blog.

A blog is an online diary or journal. Entries are dated in chronological order and posted on the Internet. Blogs allow people to express their thoughts and opinions on whatever topic they like, but the topics are usually focused on a specific subject that the blogger is generally passionate about. They allow other people who either stumble upon or have been directed to the blog to comment or join in on the dialogue.

Blogging isn’t a relatively new innovation here. Many people have kept chronicles of their daily lives and activities. This goes all the way back to when man carved on the walls of caves and tombs. In fact, author Dan Burstein, co-author of Blog! How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing politics, Business and Culture suggests when you look back in history and find the great scholars and thinkers, such as Leonardo Di Vinci. You’ve found the bloggers of that era.

The word “blog” as we know it today originate in the late 1990s. That’s when it was first known as “weblog.” Blogging has since been used as a freedom of expression to share ideas. It has given people a voice within their culture and a captivated audiences–both small and large.

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