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Business Blog Series: Business Blogs Boom

Many times new cultural trends occur and businesses are left with the ID-100153779question of whether or not they should participate. We live in an era where technology is rapidly advancing and new gadgets are constantly altered for upgrades. So, when blogs were introduced, businesses had to determine where and how to use this new resource in order for them to become a viable profit generator.  You can think of it as giving someone a Rubik cube for the first time and watching them fiddle with it for awhile.

Businesses weren’t sure how to develop a strategy, and they were concerned of about the legal consequences. Others opted not to participate because they considered it a fad.  

The difference between a business blog and a regular blog is that the business audience has a higher value and the blog has a potential to create a revenue stream.

As businesses soon figured out how blogging worked for them. They discovered that it gave a sense of individualism, a means to further differentiate itself from its competitors and a way to reach out to the public.

Blogging soon seeped into the culture of corporate America and found a home in marketing departments, which have used it to reach out to customers. Corporate companies have even used blogs internally as another alternative to sending out mass emails. Blogs even replaced those interdepartmental corkboards in break rooms that posted company events and employee news. Some small businesses have even used them as the main page on their website.

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