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Screening Job Candidates Online

Social networking conceptJob recruiters circumvent traditional methods when pursuing a job candidate with a few taps on a keyboard. The old methods involved an advertisement, a short list of candidates to interview and a list of their best references.

Now, recruiters use a more cost-effective approach to find and screen top job candidates: social media.
In fact, CareerBuilder, an online job site, produced a recent study that found more employers are using social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to learn additional information about job applicants.
Nearly 39 percent of employers it looked up information about job candidates online; yet, within that amount nearly half of these employers found information that led them not to hire a candidate. This information included provocative and inappropriate photos. On the other hand, almost one in four employers found information that influenced their decision to hire the candidate, such as a professional-looking profile.
Social media gives employers the opportunity to peer into an individual’s personal life. This glimpse has consequences. Employers who rely on the information found on social media to make hiring decisions are opening themselves to an array of legal troubles and headaches.
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2 thoughts on “Screening Job Candidates Online

  1. Hey Brigitteyuille,
    Cool Post, I have all the job requirements (an MBA and the required work experience), but my degree is not from a top 10 school. The online questionnaire specifically asks this question, so I have a feeling my application will be screened out. This does not seem fair – anyone with equal employment law background able to comment?
    I look forward to your next post

    • Brigitte Yuille

      Thank you for your comment. I understand you concerns. However, I wouldn’t worry.
      I recall an interview I did with an owner of a major car dealership. The guy, a
      multimillionaire didn’t attend a well-known school. In fact, its his attendance to one
      marketing class while in business school that changed his life. So, it’s how you use the
      education that you have that will determine your success. Navigate this situation
      with your skills.

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