Excel with Business Blogging: Blogs as Marketing Tools


  • Blogs organize, create and distribute content
  • Blogs are repositories of information
  • Business blogs focus on a niche

Several marketing tools exist, but when the right one is used it can boost business growth and revenue. When blogs are used as a marketing tool for a business, they can help organize, create and distribute content. This content may consist of a recent press release, audio from a conference or a corporate announcement, photos from events, video of a new building site or a product demonstration. Blogs combine all of this information into a nice repository for employees and customers to access.

Blogs chronicle activities and events much like diaries or journals. They have been in existence for a short while. The first blog, according to New York Magazine, was created in 1994 by Swarthmore student Justin Hall on Links.net. Three years later, an online diarist, John Berger gave the activity a name, “weblog.” By 1999 programmer Merholz to what “blog” and later that year the first popular free blog-creation service came about known as “Blogger.”

Today, blogs are ubiquitous and used often in business. Business blogs differ from a personal blog because they focus on a niche topic, whereas personal blog covers a gamut of topics. Many businesses have recognized the value they bring.  Customers gravitate to they offer information that doesn’t involve a hard sell.

A business blog can generate a loyal following when it educates and connects with the readers and this is achieved with a well-defined focus and a message that inspires and interests your target demographic.

Blogs are an effective marketing tool because they house a business’ content and create value. Marketing messages are intertwined in the narrative in subtle way and products and services are offered through a soft sell.

Learn more about this topic and content marketing with the courses “Excel with Business Blogging” and “Create Your Brand Narrative Bank on Content.”


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