Excel with Business Blogging: Avoid Corporate Speak

ID-100217746In many corporate environments, business professionals often default into a speech pattern that’s dressed up in business jargon and riddled with words.

Cluttered business communications consisting of complex sentences with lingo and acronyms specific to the corporate environment can cause readers’ eyes to glaze over. In addition, key messages become buried to the point that their relevance is lost and confusing. Here’s an example The OxfordWords blog provides that comes from a memo:

“Going forward, all stakeholders in National Memo Day will be tasked to proactively think outside the box and produce a synergistic vision for growing the impact of this day on the national consciousness.”

In your efforts to persuade, motivate or inspire your blog readers, take the following steps to get rid of corporate speak:

1.)   Read the Content Out Loud: Recruit another colleague to silently read the content with you as you read the material out loud. This person can check for grammar, spelling, jargon and clarity.

2.)   Keep It Simple: Simplify the information you are presenting and get right to the point

3.)   Intrigue with Storytelling: Bring readers along on your business’ journey. Tell them about all your adventures, your challenges and triumphs and encourage them to share their stories as well.

Corporate speak can lead to confusion and communication, keep your readers’ attention, so they can take the action you request and become a part of your community.

Learn more about this topic and content marketing with the courses “Excel with Business Blogging” and “Create Your Brand Narrative Bank on Content.”

Image courtesy of franky242/FreeDigitalPhotos.net




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