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Excel with Business Blogging: The Customer’s Voice

ID-10034913Capturing the customer’s voice is a value-added feature for a blog because it invites people to share their thoughts and ideas. A customer’s voice is captured in the comments that are made on the blog’s platform. Comments providing stories about how the customer uses your product or service are golden. They uncover new techniques, tricks and tips that can benefit your customers and help your research team, sales team, marketers and product developers. Most importantly, these stories can express the value of your offerings.

Customers are more prone to share their thoughts about a business’ products and services when they have developed a relationship. Remember, how you respond to a customer’s comments on your blog speaks volumes about your business. The response can encourage more interaction and more valuable information. Typically, the more ongoing the interaction, the more the business learns its customer’s needs and wants and the more comfortable the customer feels sharing the information.

The relationship you create with your customers can instill confidence that their voice will be heard. Research has shown that the customer’s voice can predict customer retention. It’s positively linked to behavioral intentions that  increase future purchases. It can generate favorable word of mouth, and it influences other customer’s willingness to engage in marketing research initiatives, such as surveys that can help with the evaluation of advertising campaigns and insight on unfulfilled customer needs.

The positive interactions you have with your customers via conversations occurring in your comment section can help heighten the comfort level customers have toward your business.

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