Hello! Welcome to my blog!

I am happy to provide you with the business side of some today’s hot topics.

I love writing and producing videos.

I have a graduate degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Business Journalism from Florida International University and more than 10 years experience in newsroom environments, writing and editing scripts and articles.

I’ve worked in the nation’s top media markets and at renowned news organizations.

My international business journalism experience includes writing for the Financial Times in London and China Daily USA.

I have worked on-air as a personal finance commentator and as a Capitol Press Reporter in Tallahasee, Florida.

I’ve produced live newscasts in control rooms and guided and directed anchors and reporters in the studio and at live events.

I was selected by the editorial board of ExecSense to lead webinars on:

Combining Web Analytics with CRM Technology to Capture Prospects-The Best Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Marketing Executives, http://www.execsense.com/details.asp?id=3768

Establishing a Marketing Metrics Scorecard for 2011-2012: How to Analyze Performance for Efficiency Program Brand and Customer Values Metrics to Enhance Your Marketing Success, http://www.execsense.com/details.asp?id=3791

What to Know Before Signing or Negotiating a B2B Marketing Agreement in 2011, http://www.execsense.com/details.asp?id=3570

What to Know Before Signing or Negotiating a Severance Agreement as an HR Executive in 2011, http://www.execsense.com/details.asp?id=3386

I hope you enjoy the posts. Please feel free to provide some of your insight.

Brigitte Yuille

Phone: 561-459-4729

Email: brigitte.yuille@bycomworldwide.com

Tweetme @Bycomworldwide

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