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Brigitte Yuille

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2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. richard

    My name is Richard Myers. I am an engineer who worked for years with CISCO and one fine day felt the urge to venture out on my own. Years of working with servers of all kinds has endowed me with the knowledge that I now like sharing with anyone who needs my help.
    I presently work as a freelance consultant and a writer, guiding those who need help with web hosting, cloud servers, setting up custom servers etc.
    I have ghost written a number of articles and have been published in reputed journals. I am keen to feature a guest post on you blog as it would do wonders for my portfolio as a writer. I realized it was time I stopped ghost-writing for others and built an online reputation for myself. Here are a few ideas that I feel you might like:
    1) Ways In Which the Right Web Hosting Provider Can Improve Your Online Business
    2) Commonly Asked Questions About Free Web Hosting
    3) Dedicated Hosting Or Shared Hosting: Which One’s Better?
    4) Questions You should Ask Your Web Hosting Provider
    5) Finding the Right Web Host for an E-Commerce Website
    6) How To Safeguard Your Dedicated Server
    7) Web Hosting 101: Things to Avoid in web Hosting
    8) Tips on Using VPS Hosting Effectively
    9) Understanding How Reseller Web Hosting Works
    10) How Affiliate Marketing Can Help Your Web Hosting Business
    I would gladly write on any of the above topics and am open to any ideas or suggestions that you might have. I hope your reply is in the positive, so your readers get the opportunity to benefit from what I have to say.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Richard Myers

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