Frequently Asked Questions

What is your work philosophy?

I have a passion for writing and journalism. I am constantly reading and listening to podcasts about the trends in my industry and updating my skills by reading books and attending seminars. I believe in  presenting professional and quality work.

What type of freelancing do you do?

I mostly write articles, but I can also help ghostwrite your book and write blog posts for your site, newsletters, brochures, white papers, etc.

Can you write articles for my site?

Yes, contact me to let me know of the topics you’d like for me to cover.

I would like you to guest post on my blog how do I reach you?

Visit my “Contact Me” page.

I would like for you to speak at my event, do you give speeches?

Absolutely, I have been a member of Toastmaster’s and have experience as a broadcast news reporter. Visit My “Contact Me” page.

Can you report and help produce a video news release or provide a news package for my website?

Absolutely, visit my “Contact Me” page.

Can I publish your blog post on my website?

Absolutely, contact me so we can discuss which post interest you.

How much do you charge?

Depends on your project, visit my “Contact me” page.

Where can I see your work samples?

Visit my Portfolio page.

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