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Business Blog Series: 4 Tips for Using Blogs in Corporate Environments

Blogs present many opportunities for corporate environments.

  1. A blog can be a resource for different departments to share their stories.
  2. C- suite executives position themselves as opinion leaders with the use of blogs.
  3. Blogs are used as an avenue for super fans of products and services to share their love for the product.
  4. Encouraging guest bloggers to participate helps elevate the conversation on the site.
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Build buzz and generate income by guest blogging

ID-10049737Guest Blogging is a great and inexpensive method to create buzz around your business and to promote new products. It involves writing a blog that is published on another blog site. The site that hosts your blog posts is one that’s related to your niche and has attracted a large audience.

Simply blogging on your own website has a list of benefits of its own, but this list expands when you are a guest blogger. Here’s why. Blogging builds your online reputation because you are joining a community of thought leaders, and when you respond to comments you are participating in the intellectual exchange of ideas and thoughts. This helps you build relationships within the blogosphere as well as people within your industry, and these communities can help build awareness about your topic and your business.  As a guest blogger, you are provided the opportunity to reach more people especially those within your target audience.  When you include a link back to your post, you increases traffic back to your blog or business website and this helps generate income.

Bloggers are known for being great networkers and this helps makes approaching them very easy; however, you will still need to practice the proper etiquette. First, start reviewing the blogs within your niche by either using Google Blog Search or Technocrati.  Once you found the blogs sites where you would like to contribute your post, show your appreciation for the content that already exist by leaving well-thought out comments and re-tweeting the post you liked.  Next, send a pitch explaining why and how the topic you would like to post on their blog will help their readers and boost their audience.  Many bloggers anticipate guest bloggers, and they will develop a set of guidelines for them. These are usually posted on their site. If see them, ask what rules you will need to adhere to as you write your post. Once the blog owners’ accepts your idea, write your blog posts, but also make sure to include your author bio and link back to the website you would like to promote.   Now that the post is up, don’t make the mistake of thinking all your work is done.  Unlike article writing for most print and online publications, you will need to follow your post and respond to the comments that are made.

Guest blogging is a great way to promote your blog site and your business. Always practice good blogging etiquette by letting others know about the blog posts on the host site, respond to comments made on your posts and invite the owner of the blog site who welcomed you the opportunity to contribute a post on your blog site.

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